Required reading for members of the Malden Yacht Club.

Rogers Rock
Adirondack Anthology New! 06/13/2007
A long day in the life of MYC members. Read about their trip to the famous Roger's Rock (or slide) on the shore of Lake George, NY,
The Birth of the Blues
The Birth of the Blues posted 12/10/2006
Ed buys a kayak! What torments will he have to endure before he can accomplish this feat?
Return to Lake George
Return to Lake George posted 10/09/2006
Don Juan and Splash soak their heads in the lake.
Middle of Lake George
Lake George trip report posted: 09/28/2006
Ed's beautifully written report of Prince Valiant Kayak Tours trip to Lake George.
The Daily Mail
Pre race article posted: 09/05/2006
This newspaper article was printed in The Daily Mail of Greene County.

Atlantic Kayak Tours theme song
A song best sung to the tune of Barnacle Bill The Sailor. First performed at the AKT Bringantine tour in May of 2006.
Run aground
Captain Dan's Tale
A story about a stranded sailboat and the brave MYC members who aided in the rescue.
Hooray, we won !
Last Chapter of the Raft Race
The Rip Van Winkle Wacky Raft race is an annual event on the Hudson River. This is MYCs writeup of the events of that day in 2006.

The men The women
Tale of Two Sexes
What happens when three couples are confined to one house for a long weekend? Read about the zany adventures of MYCs version of Survivor.

I claim this berg in the name of Maldonia
The Flush on the Ice
Two guys, two kayaks, a snow storm, river ice... sounds like a story to me.

Crappy Crapper
The Wreck of the Outhouse I Herald
Another song, this one can be sung to the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (or not, you decide). Some people say the MYC wacky raft for 2005 was left in the care of the most sensible member, others say it was abandoned.